Case Studies

Invoice Creation from different sources in the Xero Accounting web portal.

Case study for a real life senario of automating invoice creation from more than one source.

Reading invoices of different formats by using AA IQbot

Automating invoice processing using AA IQbot to accurately read and interpret invoices of diverse formats, streamlining the financial workflow with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

SAP workflow using UI Path to create PO.

Using UI Path, a leading robotic process automation platform, SAP workflow was automated to create purchase orders efficiently and accurately.

Amazon Invoice Central business workflow.

The bot automates the daily process of downloading an inventory file from QuickBooks, a popular accounting application, applying some business logic to it, and uploading the modified file to FTP.

Downloading Inventory reports from Quickbooks accounting application and transferring files to FTP.

Streamlining inventory management processes by leveraging RPA to automate the seamless extraction of inventory reports from QuickBooks accounting application and transferring them to an FTP server, improving data accessibility and reducing manual effort.

Downloading Lockboxes From The Bank Website And Doing Bank Reconciliation

RPA Bot is login in Wells Fargo bank Website and downloading bank Files, and lockboxes according To the passed parameters. This is the first part, in the second part bot is reading and writes data in the Database to do Bank Reconciliation.

Authorization Of A Customer For Clinical Test Via Bot

RPA Bot is Authorizing a Customer to visit the doctor for a particular test, this whole workflow is done by people manually but now we automated some parts of the workflow as a POC.

Automation Of Health Insurance Verification Process with several steps

RPA Bot is reading the patient information from an EMR system, identifies thier respective insurance, and automaticly logs in into the insurance provider's portal to verify the insurance and put it back in the EMR system.

Downloading Clinical and Financial reports of patients

Healthcare (Migration from Old ERP to New ERP)